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Balanceuticals Ovary & Uterus Clean, 500 mg Dietary

Balanceuticals Ovary & Uterus Clean, 500 mg Dietary

Description:Dietary supplement. 100% Natural. Made under supervision by China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Made of extracts from cinnamon twig, holen (poria), peony, moutan bark, peach kernel, curcum zedoaria, sea weed, licorice, airpotato, bearded scutellaria, codonopsis and Chinese angelica this time-honored formula is used in Chinese medicine for its blood circulation promoting, blood vessel dilating, stasis dispersing, internal secretion and hormone regulating, immune system supporting, hempolytic, analgesic and anti-inflammation properties to maintain healthy ovary and uterus and their proper functions. (This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)

  • Binding: Health and Beauty
  • Brand: Balanceuticals
  • Department: Detoxification & Cleansing
  • EAN: 0674756980475
  • Feature: Pack of 60 counts
  • Feature: Made under supervision by China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Feature: Made of extracts from cinnamon twig, holen (poria), peony, moutan bark and more
  • Feature: Blood circulation promoting, blood vessel dilating, stasis dispersing, internal secretion and hormone regulating
  • Feature: With properties to maintain healthy ovary and uterus and their proper functions
  • IsAdultProduct: 0
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  • Label: Balanceuticals
  • LegalDisclaimer: These statements have not yet been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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  • Manufacturer: Balanceuticals
  • Model: 674756980475
  • MPN: 674756980475
  • NumberOfItems: 1
  • PackageDimensions:
  • PackageQuantity: 1
  • ProductGroup: Health and Beauty
  • Publisher: Balanceuticals
  • ReleaseDate: 2006-10-31
  • Size: 60
  • SKU: SND 674756980475
  • Studio: Balanceuticals
  • Title: Balanceuticals Ovary & Uterus Clean, 500 mg Dietary Supplement Capsules, 60-Count Bottle
  • UPC: 674756980475

Price: 23.60

Get Well Healthy Prostate & Ovary 90 capsules

Get Well Healthy Prostate & Ovary 90 capsules

Description:Get Well Natural, LLC’s Healthy Prostate & Ovary is formulated to promote healthy prostate, ovarian and immune function.* This herbal combination has been featured in Second Opinion by Dr. Robert Rowen MD, Health Sciences Institute periodic publication, as a natural support for prostate and ovarian diseases. Many doctors and individuals highly endorse the product based on their experiences of its health supporting benefits.* The main ingredient, Crinum Latifolium, has been researched and documented in Vietnam to be an excellent and effective supportive ingredient to promote the health of the ovary and prostate.*Additional Ingredient nformation : Crinum Latifolium, is a leafy traditional Vietnamese herb used in ancient times by royalty to enhance longevity and the immune system.* It is currently used in Vietnam for a wide variety of health supporting benefits for the body for those with conditions including prostate and ovarian disorders such as prostatitis, adenoma, benign prostate enlargement (BPH), uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts.* *The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Our statements and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
(2 Bottles)

  • Binding: Health and Beauty
  • Brand: GWN
  • EAN: 0814888015380
  • Feature: For Men – May Offer Support For:
  • Feature: Overall Prostate Health, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy-Free Health*
  • Feature: Non-Painful or Non-Frequent Urinary Health, Male Urination Normalcy*
  • Feature: For Women – May Offer Support For
  • Feature: Overall Ovarian Health, Ovarian Cyst-Free Health, Female Hormonal Healthy Balance*
  • Label: GWN
  • Manufacturer: GWN
  • ProductGroup: Health and Beauty
  • Publisher: GWN
  • SKU: Healthy Prostate & Ovary 90caps 2 Bottle
  • Studio: GWN
  • Title: Get Well Healthy Prostate & Ovary 90 capsules per bottle 2 Bottles
  • UPC: 814888015380

Price: 50.00

Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cysts – Causes, Symptoms, and Ovarian Cyst Treatments

Hemorrhagic ovarian cyst, also known as a blood cyst or hematocyst, occur when a blood vessel in the wall of a cyst breaks, causing blood to flood into the cyst. An ovarian cyst is a sac of fluid or tissue that develops on or inside an ovary. Types of cysts in the ovary may vary in size from pea-sized growths to a cyst as large as a grapefruit. Hemorrhagic cysts are a type of functional cyst.

What Causes Hemorrhagic Cysts?

A functional cyst can occur during the course of the female menstrual cycle. They are caused by a slight alteration in the normal function of the ovaries. Functional cysts are in no way indicative of disease. These types of cysts can go unnoticed for years and need little or no treatment. However, when they grow, they can cause symptoms such as lower pelvic pain, and irregular periods.

These cysts on the ovary may occur in many women and may be a normal part of the menstrual cycle for most of these women. If you are one who has a functional cyst, your cyst may shrink or dissolve before you are even aware you have one. This is the case for many women. However, occasionally these cysts continue to grow and cause painful symptoms and discomfort. They may even rupture or burst. This can be quite painful and you will want to seek immediate medical attention and get an ovarian cyst treatment.

What Are The Treatment Options For Hemorrhagic Cysts?

If you suspect that you have any type of cyst on your ovary, it is always important to get a firm diagnosis form your doctor in order to determine the size and type of cyst you have. The size of the cyst will not necessarily determine whether a doctor will remove hemorrhagic cysts or not. It is very common for doctors to treat hemorrhagic ovarian cysts with a prescription of oral birth control pills. Birth control pills, however cause other problems. Also, many women who suffer from ovarian cysts are seeking help for fertility. So with the pill preventing ovulation, women who want to have a child, will see this as only a temporary fix. Besides, this type of treatment only masks the real problem.

Pain medication may also a proposed ovarian cyst treatment. This is also seen as a temporary fix and will only temporarily relieve pain associated with Hemorrhagic cysts. A painful hemorrhagic cyst may interfere with daily life and may cause any woman to feel incapacitated. Nausea may also be a reaction to severe pain. It is easy to understand why women with this sort of pain, would want the cyst removed as soon as possible. Sometimes women complain about and suffer from severe pain resulting in the doctor surgically removing the cyst. Surgery, of course is serious and has its own set of dangers. Also, surgically removing any cyst isn’t going to keep it from forming again. It is important to get to the root of the problem. And prevention is king if you want to remove hemorrhagic cysts and prevent them from reoccurring.

Are There Natural Treatments?

If the doctor has diagnosed you with a cyst on your ovary, natural treatments may help relieve the pain as well as help shrink the cysts and prevent them from growing back. Not all cysts may be removed with natural treatments, but these treatments will help get your body in optimum health so that your body will be able to work properly.

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Understanding Ovarian Cyst Pain

Ovarian cyst pain is an unfortunate reality for many women throughout their life. Because of the complexity of the female reproductive system and the process of the monthly menstrual cycle, occasional abnormalities occur the can lead to ovarian cysts.

The definition of a cyst is A FLUID FILLED SAC. A cyst can form anywhere in the body for any number of reasons, and are generally harmless. One common area for women is in the ovaries; thus the name ovarian cyst applies. There a variety of types of ovarian cysts and most of these are completely harmless. Ovarian cysts generally dissolve naturally, usually within 2 or 3 months. The two most common types known as functional cysts and are called Follicle cysts and Corpus luteum cysts.

When the egg does not release from the sac containing it during the menstrual cycle, this is known as a follicle cyst.  The sac then begins to get infected and results in fluid filling the sac. These cysts generally cause mild or even no pain at all and women may not even know they have one. The second most common type, the corpus luteum cyst, forms when the egg is released properly, but the sac that releases it does not disappear. They can be a bit more serious than follicle cysts and in worst cases, grow very large, twist around the ovaries, and need to be surgically removed. These types of cysts are more likely to result in ovarian cyst pain. Like follicle cysts, in general corpus luteum cysts will usually disappear after a short time and not cause any complications.  

These two just represent the more than 6 types of abnormalities that can result in ovarian cyst pain. While a common occurrence as we have learned, it is certainly no fun dealing with ovarian cyst pain on a regular basis as thousands of women have to do. Pain and complications resulting from an ovarian cyst can be mild or include such uncomfortable symptoms including severe pelvic pain, pain during sex, dizziness, fainting, even nausea and vomiting. If any of these or other symptoms persists or become unbearable it is advised that you seek the help of a physician immediately.  

What should a woman do who is suffering from ovarian cyst pain? Well, the good news is, as we have stated, most cysts will disappear automatically. Many times no treatment is necessary at all and pain is mild or even non- existent  If you feel you must seek a doctor’s advice, most will tell you to wait through at least two menstrual cycles as the cysts are likely to dissolve on their own. If the cyst has not gone away in 2-3 months, has grown, or has made the pain unbearable to you, the doctor may schedule a surgery to remove the cysts. Many women fear this type of surgery, but it is very common and very safe. In addition, most ovarian cysts are not cancerous and this is only one factor a doctor will use in determining if surgery is necessary. In some cases, the surgery will require that the doctor remove one of the ovaries, but this should not affect the normal reproductive system of the patient.

A normal, but potentially painful fact of a woman’s life, ovarian cysts can be a bothersome condition indeed. Intense pain may lead you to seek treatment on your own, and there are many natural alternatives on the market. As is the case with any illness or medical condition, please seek the advice of a doctor if your condition worsens or you are experiencing increasing levels of ovarian cyst pain.

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