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Diagnosing Ovarian Cysts in a Timely Manner is Extremely Important

Diagnosing a disease condition is the base point on which lies the line of treatment. While a correct diagnosis helps recovery fast, a wrong one may lead to fatalities that often take life for the fault of others. However, the diagnosis not only has to be on the right track, it should also be done at the right time. Diagnosing a breast cancer at the fag end of time when the cancer has spread beyond treatment is practically useless. The same is the case with ovarian cyst. Diagnosing an endometrial cyst when it has burst has a very poor prognosis for the patient. But diagnosing ovarian cyst may often pose problems as some of them are asymptomatic – meaning symptom less. The condition worsens when wrongly self-diagnosed patents resort to self-medication without taking expert opinion. Nevertheless, self-diagnosis of ovarian cysts may prove correct in certain cases that are described below.

Self-diagnosis of ovarian cyst

Certain symptoms in an otherwise healthy female suffering from ovarian cysts just cannot be ignored. They include moderate to severe pain in the pelvic region; agonizing sexual union; irregular and/or painful menstruation (those who have ovarian cysts often have menstruation cycles that are not regular); abrupt change in the body structure due to cysts affecting the flow of hormones (a few ladies may even experience change in the outside look such as becoming obese); infertility despite healthy sex pattern (infertility, even a temporary one, often leads to the formation of ovarian cysts); facial hair appearing suddenly and the voice changing to become like a man; frequent and unusual urination on account of undue pressure on the bladder on account of enlarged cyst as also vomiting, nausea, dizziness or weakness and breast tenderness.

These easy to notice symptoms that may present themselves individually or collectively, indicating the presence of ovarian cyst in the body of the affected person can not be disregarded or overlooked as they disrupt the normal flow of life.

When self-diagnosis fails

But what happens when the symptoms do not appear or are so negligible that they are easily ignored. Heaven helps those unfortunate souls in whose bodies the cysts have made a comfortable home and thrive without any sign or symptom. But since dark clouds do often have silver linings, ovarian cysts occurring in those females sure comes to light when routine examination of their pelvic region is done through ultrasound. Detailed medical examination later affirms the initial observation, pinpointing the cyst and its nature.

What steps to take after the diagnosis is complete

Treatment of course is the next obvious step to take. In fact, treatment should start immediately thereafter. Conventional treatment can do nothing much beyond reducing the symptoms to a tolerable degree on a short-term basis with long-term side effects, it miserably fails in curing the disease that goes on unabated till a point of no return reaches.

The next inevitable answer comes in the form of surgical knife that cuts away the culprit in one short sweep, assuring the patient will be well henceforth. But that unfortunately, is not the true story as the cyst reappears after a couple of years with renewed vigor and venom. For an exasperated young maiden suffering from ovarian cyst, it is indeed the beginning of the end of her life force.

Things, however, would have been different, had she taken a holistic approach to end her problems. By controlling her menstrual cycle through the administration of essential oils and appropriate diet plan; by changing her lifestyle from a couch potato to a vigorously exercising individual with a new hope and newer aspirations in life, holistic approach would have dealt a far better deal in giving her the joy of living. Three cheers for the holistic approach in curing the incurables!

The fact is, the holistic approach indeed gives a much better result when it comes to ovarian cysts. But why is this the case? Holistic remedies treat the body as a whole and can identify all the contributing factors that cause ovarian cysts (and there can be quite a few). This is the better approach because conventional drugs fail to delve deeper into the subject and just treat the symptoms. This is why the cyst often returns because the root cause has remained unattended. But there is not a chance of this happening with the holistic approach.