How to Cure a Simple Ovarian Cyst

Simple Ovarian Cyst Review

An Ovarian cyst, simple in nature is common in those women who experience regular menstruation. In this article we will talk about a simple ovarian cyst and all the details.The organs in the reproductive system of female body that is responsible for reproduction is called ovaries, found near the uterus. Once in a month, when your menstrual cycle occurs a cystic structure called a follicle is formed.

This follicle produces some hormones like oestrogen and progesterone which helps in releasing a mature egg from the ovary through the fallopian tube and ultimately to the uterus. In few cases, the follicle does not grow and turns into an ovarian fibroid. The ovarian fibroid is usually a sac with liquid, solid material or sometimes both contained in it, you can find it on the surface of the ovary or inside of it.

Mostly, ovarian fibroids are asymptomatic where you will not find any symptoms. Thus, you will not come to know that you have a cyst. Many times, without any treatment, these cysts will go-off on its own after a few menstrual cycles.

An ovarian fibroid can be simple or complex. A simple ovarian cyst is just a fluid-filled sac. Graffian follicular fibroids and a particular type of corpus luteum cysts are functional all called simple cysts. However, a complex ovarian fibroid contains fluid and solid contents. Dermoid, endometriomas and cystadenomas are example of complex types.

Simple Ovarian Cyst Origins

Simple Ovarian fibroids can be broadly classified into two origins: physiologic cysts; which form as a result of ovulation(or attempted ovulation), and neoplastic cysts. Of the two, ovulation-related cysts are more common. Simple cysts are common and generally don’t cause any trouble.

Each time when a woman ovulates, she forms a tiny ovarian cyst which is 3.0 cm in diameter or much lesser. Depending on which stage she is in her menstrual cycle, you can find a very tiny ovarian follicular cyst present. Large cysts which are bigger than 7.0 cm, are not common and they should be taken care of clinically.

Occasionally, simple ovarian cysts can cause a problem by:

• Delaying menstruation

• RupturingSimple Ovarian Cyst

• Twisting

• Causing pain

Ovarian cysts generally are not simple to understand or treat. Practically, to treat this complex disease, a multidimensional holistic approach is needed. A holistic approach is more effective as it deals with a cluster of factors and finds out the main cause of the disease.

Using a comprehensive method, a holistic physician can help you introduce many lifestyle changes, which can help in treatment. Hence, when it comes to the treatment of ovarian cyst simple, a holistic approach is necessary to understand the reasons of your ovarian fibroids and to cure this condition in a scientific and holistic manner.

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