Fantastic Treatments For Painful Ovarian Cysts

When a women reaches childbearing age she can easily develop ovarian cysts. Even though they are considered rare in women who have hit menopause, it’s still possible for older generations as well. This is due to the follicle sac getting filled with fluid after an egg is not released. The end result is ovarian cysts. It’s possible that no matter what age you are, an ovarian cyst can develop. Older woman must take note that having a malignant cyst will be greater with age.

The Categories and Groups

Overall there are 2 categories; abnormal and functional. Inside each of these are various types of cysts.

Functional Cyst

* Follicular cysts

* Corpus Luteum- While going through your menstrual cycle, luteum is released into the pituitary gland. This basically tells the follicle that your egg can be released. When this occurs progesterone and estrogen will be produced. If the follicle becomes sealed a cyst will form, and it can be quite painful.

Abnormal Cyst

* Endometriosis- If you suffer from this it’s because the uterine lining is growing outside the uterus. Once the tissue begins to attach to the ovaries there will be cysts that develop.

* Cystadenomas- Anytime the cells outside the ovaries are filled with fluid there can be cysts as well. Cystadenomas can be larger than normal and extremely painful.

* Dermoid- Even though this isn’t a cyst “technically,” they provide intense pain. Instead of fluid in them there is everything from hair and bones to teeth fragments.


When dealing with ovarian cysts there can actually be several symptoms at once or none at all. The functional cysts that come and go after a few menstrual cycles won’t cause tons of pain. However, there are other types that can leave you in severe pain for long periods of time.

The Irregular Cycle

Anyone who has to deal with an irregular cycle could have ovarian cysts. It’s important to figure out whether or not you have an irregular pattern, and if so it’s going to be erratic. Seriously, you can go months without even having a period and then all of the sudden you can’t stop bleeding. It’s going to depend on the person, but not being able to predict when this will occur can be troublesome. In order to overcome this issue women have decided to bypass traditional treatments for a natural one to relieve the pain.


Out of all the symptoms you can endure, the pain is the worst. It varies based on the type and size of the ovarian cyst. It’s also important to understand that you can feel pain in the lower back, the abdomen, pelvic area, and even the upper thighs. If this is the case it’s possible that ovarian cysts are the culprit. In fact, it’s possible that this pain will become debilitating. You may have a hard time sitting up or even walking as a result.

Bloating Issues

This is very common if you’re going through your menstrual cycle. What you need to keep an eye out for is if this happens intermittently or off your normal schedule. If so then it’s possible you’re dealing with a cyst. We recommend scheduling an appointment with your family physician in order to make sure. It’s important to get the proper diagnosis whether you decide to go with a natural treatment for your painful ovarian cyst or a traditional method. Why? Well, in some cases they can be cancerous.

Issues with Sex

When you’re dealing with endometriosis cysts this is a common side effect. Once the tissue starts building up around the abdomen it can be very uncomfortable during intercourse. You could also having rupturing cysts in there which is even worse.

The Fertilization

Ovarian cysts sound terrible, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re unable to conceive because of them. The only problem is you could end up with a great deal of scarring simply because you let it go and no action was taken to get it treated. When this happens it does become more difficult to conceive. Most women opt for a surgical solution, but after while they usually grow back.

Managing Your Pain

Anyone knows that when you’re dealing with extreme pain you can’t focus on the rest of your responsibilities. Since ovarian cysts can be quite painful it’s no surprise that women everywhere are looking for pain relief with their ovarian cysts. You can try a traditional medication, but you really don’t want to go through the trial and error process. Doctors have told women to come back in 3 months if things haven’t gotten any better. Really? Yes, it sounds crazy considering the pain you’re in, but it’s definitely tru7e.

Natural vs. Traditional

In the end there are only 2 real choices. You can either take a traditional approach or a natural. Those who take the advice of their doctor will either be put on birth control pills or have to have surgery. It all takes time, which is not what you want to be dealing with at all. Natural approaches are geared around the things you eat, which could be contributing to the ovarian cysts in your body. This is after most of the doctors have told us that there really isn’t a cure.

So before you say yes to side effects or even surgery, think about utilizing a natural remedy. Just by taking advantage of the proper techniques you can become pain free.

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