Easy Ways to Prevent Ovarian Cysts

Cysts are enclosed sac filled with fluids usually characterized by these abnormal growths. Ovarian cysts formation usually results in the childbearing age. At the time of puberty, two ovaries present in a female start to become active due to the monthly hormone cycle which take place within the body. During this time, eggs are formed in the sac called as follicles from which they are released after ripening. In most of the cases, maturation of follicles does not take place and instead they are reabsorbed into the body. In other cases, the follicles remain to form what is known as cysts.

Due to the abnormal growth of the cell what results up is referred to as the abnormal cysts. The reason for the abnormal cysts remains hidden. The four different types of ovarian cyst are ruptured ovarian cyst, complex ovarian cyst, dermoid ovarian cyst, and hemorrhagic ovarian cyst.

There are many of them who continue with exercise and diet to prevent ovarian cysts from forming up in their body. Do you think this really works? But, the sad fact is that there is no way one can prevent ovarian cysts production. The best thing that can be done to stop the occurrence of cysts formation is to undergo a pelvic examination every year.

If you have frequent ovarian cysts doctors are likely to prescribe birth control pills or another form of contraceptive to prevent ovarian cysts from forming. Certain natural methods are to be implemented to prevent ovarian cysts formation as well as to relieve the pain along the safer lines.

The pain in pelvis can be reduced by the application of heat which can be either carried out by the use of heating pad, hot water bottle or even a hot water bath can do wonders! Using herbal teas is the yet another distinguished remedy to prevent ovarian cysts symptoms. Chamomile, mint and raspberry teas can magically relieve your pain and help you relax to a greater extent. Teas are to be taken just before or after going to bed to get the maximum benefit from it. Depending on drinks containing caffeine can result in the growth of the cysts finally ending up with its rupture.

Extra hydration is very essential to prevent ovarian cyst formation. Make sure that you drink more than eight glasses of water every day and urination is very essential to avoid further problems resulting from it. The supplements like multivitamins, minerals, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin B, and antioxidants will improve with the dietary changes, working to balance hormones, improve immunity, protect against abnormal cell growth and enhance liver function,. Thus, it finally helps to prevent ovarian cysts. Herbs like Echinacea and Milk thistle can also helps to prevent ovarian cysts.

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