Causes of Ovarian Cyst – Understanding How Ovarian Cysts Develop in Your Body

Have you recently been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst? Do you want to learn more about the causes of ovarian cyst so you understand why this happened to you, how you can get better, and how you can prevent a cyst from ever developing again in your body?

Understand that cysts occur in women of childbearing age more often than most people realize. Ninety five percent of cysts are harmless and most go away without medical intervention, by making small changes in your lifestyle. Although there is much about the causes of ovarian cyst development that researchers do not yet understand, they have uncovered some very helpful information that women can use to improve their ability to be cyst free.

The underlying causes of ovarian cyst development are most often hormonal imbalances. Throughout a woman’s monthly cycle the hormones, estrogen and progesterone, fluctuate naturally to accommodate the necessary reproductive activity. But many external and internal forces can cause these hormones to become unbalanced and result in a variety of symptoms, one of which is the development of cysts.

Hormone levels are powerfully influenced by diet, nutrition, exercise and stress. Toxins, in the foods we eat and the products we use, can build up in our bodies and make them less likely to function properly. When stress builds and the body is unhealthy it cannot rid itself of toxins efficiently or fight back against abnormal cell development. All of these things work together and are one of the causes of ovarian cyst development.

Physicians frequently prescribe birth control pills for women who have been diagnosed with a cyst. This does two things. First, birth control pills regulate the hormone levels in the body. When the hormone levels are back in balance, the body is more apt to dissolve the cyst on its own. The second thing birth control pills can do is help eliminate excessive bleeding and painful periods that often occur when a cyst is present. But birth control pills have unwanted side effects, and if you can use this as a last resort. As birth control pills, like any hormone therapy, have some serious disadvantages.

Fortunately, there are many natural remedies to balance hormones that are extremely effective and can eliminate the need to take hormone therapy. If you have had an ovarian cyst or currently have one, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your body is to take a holistic approach to the problem.

Take steps to help your body dissolve the cyst and in the process you will reduce your chances of developing ovarian cysts in the future. Once you understand the causes of ovarian cyst development, you can begin to heal your body naturally.

Some of the signs of hormone imbalance, in addition to the development of ovarian cysts, are allergy symptoms, hair loss or facial hair growth, itchy or wrinkly skin, depression, anxiety, irritability, weight gain particularly in the hip area, waist and stomach, headaches, PMS, frequent urinary tract infections, fibroids, yeast infections, PMS and stomach aches.

Natural, gentle ways of restoring the hormone balance to your body may eliminate the need to take birth control pills entirely. By eliminating the causes of ovarian cyst development and hormonal imbalance using a holistic approach that includes eating a healthy, well balanced diet that is high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein and eliminate sugar, processed flour and foods with preservatives, can put you on the road to recovery. Exercise, reducing stress and taking the appropriate vitamins, minerals and herbs will take you one step closer to optimum health. Understanding the causes of ovarian cyst development will set you on the path to recovery.

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