Are Ovarian Cysts Painful?

Are ovarian cysts painful? It depends. To appreciate this answer, it is important for us to have a basic understanding of what ovarian cysts are and how they can cause pain.

Ovarian cysts are common to many women of child bearing age. It is generally perceived as a natural occurrence within a woman’s monthly cycle. The ovarian cysts are created as by-products of the development of the egg. During the monthly cycle, the ovary produces potential eggs inside follicles. Only one of these follicles will end up forming the egg while the others will naturally be absorbed back into the ovary. However, sometimes one or even more of these do not get absorbed. Instead, they harden and sometimes get larger. These are known as ovarian cysts.

There is another way ovarian cysts can get created. Sometimes, when the egg is released from a follicle, the remaining bit of the follicle is supposed to also wither and disappear after it has done its work (of producing reproductive hormones). Unfortunately, sometimes they do not wither and disappear. Instead, they become ovarian cysts.

These two examples should be enough to give you an idea of how ovarian cysts are formed. So, back to the question: Are ovarian cysts painful? The answer is both yes and no. Sometimes when the ovarian cysts wither and get absorbed into the ovary, you will not feel a thing. You would not even know a cyst has been formed! At other times, you will know because of the discomfort and pain caused by the cysts.

The pain can take many forms and depends on many factors. If the ovarian cyst continues to swell and grow very large, this can be very painful. Similarly, if the ovarian cyst somehow causes the ovary to twist, you will also experience a lot of pain. At other times, the ovarian cyst may rupture and bleed. Again, this can be excruciating in severe cases.

In yet other cases, you may end up with more than one ovarian cyst. In such polycystic situations, the pain can be due to a combination of causes. In many cases, the pain can be emotional and even psychological in nature.

So, are ovarian cysts painful? As we have discussed, it really does depend. However, perhaps an even more important question is: What can we do about painful ovarian cysts? This will be covered in another article when we discuss simple natural remedies to promote natural healing of the ovary. In the meantime, you might find it interesting to read up on natural healing principles in general.

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