Large Ovarian Cyst

What can the size of an ovarian cyst let you know?


There is only one single way you can really tell the size of an ovarian cyst, sand that  is by going into your doctor for an ultrasound.  If you find out that you have a large ovarian cyst it’s a good time to start thinking about your treatment options, because larger cysts are more likely to be painful or rupture.

There are a few common types of large ovarian cysts that you should be aware of.
Follicular cysts can grow to be over two inches, usually they aren’t painful.

A Dermoid cyst is more severe, these can be up to six inches in size and cause severe pain.  Endometrioid cysts can grow up to eight inches and they’re usually painful during menstruation.

 Even though all the above cysts can be painful there is some good news, they aren’t permanent.

There is no reason to suffer from these types of cysts for your entire life.  Most cysts will actually go away on their own without any form of treatment, that’s why it’s important to learn how to prevent cysts so you don’t have to go through the pain of having one.
Don’t jump to the conclusion that medical intervention is always necessary.  Surgery can only remove the cysts that are currently on your ovaries, it will do nothing to prevent future cysts from developing.

The hormonal treatments that are sometimes prescribed to women can have just as damaging side effects as the cysts themselves, so be very careful when choosing a method.